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10 July 2010 ; New Chapter of my life: NSF

Wow! One month had passed, and there's three more months to go as a recruit!

7 June, I went to Tekong, with millions of questions in my mind. Who will be my buddy? Will he help me in one way or another? How is life in Tekong? Will I be able to adapt? Will my company be strict with us? Yet now, I'm loving National Service! Being in Warrent Company, the training was not as tedious as I thought it would be. The welfare was really good! (Being able to watch World Cup Finals!).

My bunk mates were really interesting and we really bonded well. Of course there were also 'bastards' who existed for the sole purpose of allowing people like us to bitch! Every brand new day, there's bound to be someone for us to bitch about because of what they have done which makes no sense, and this really pissed us off!

The food wasn't that bad too, They took in our feedbacks and the effort can be seen in the food they cooked!

There's a saying 'NS makes us dumber'. I personally would have to agree because my reaction became slower and my intellectual level dropped tremendously! I guess it's due to the commands given to us. All we do was just to follow them blindly. For that, I kept myself updated with the world by subscribing to Newsweek for three years. But possessing a positive mindset was vital. With that, I breezed though everything that I have to do. In addition, I'm terribly sick for three weeks!

Weekend was really precious to people like us! Thus every weekend, I would make sure that I will have a sense of achievement and connected back to the civillian world! (Signed up for Safra card for 10 years and two more cards which were for clubbing and eating!) Dance is essential for me too, hence every Saturday, I will go for Daniel's house class for one hour! It's really great! Every book in, I will be able to taste many different kinds of food because each of us will bring lots of snacks and stock up in our extra cabinet!

After one month, I'm just a typical Nsf now. Physical-wised: Bald, tanned, and not forgetting the black-framed specs. Thinking-wised, I beginning to feel appreciative in every little things in my life and being independent. Life might not be as happening as it used to be but I really learning new surviving skills everyday.

Thanks friends who messaged or called me during this period!

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06 June 2010 ; Graduation Day, Dance, Andreas & Adel Birthday, Outing with HTM and CCM, Night Safari, MBS, RWS, USS, Sentosa, Flyer, New Asia Bar, Besties & Lloyd

Gosh! In a few hours time, I would be leaving the civilian world, embarking on a four-month holiday trip to TEKONG! Reckoned that the time spent with my family members and friends would be so limited that I could not meet up with every one of them during my bookout and my sleeping pattern would change tremendously (Waking up at 0530, feeling like a zombie and having to sleep at 2230 which I would probably feel energetic). On the positive side, I would be able to be more independent, someone who is able to take care of himself and Strawberry Tribe Leader NO MORE! :D
First thing first, I HAVE FINALLY GRADUATED IN TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC AY 2010/11 WITH A DIPLOMA IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM WITH MERIT! For that, I will let the pictures to the talking

The BEST Tutor I ever had: Mr Png

The Most Caring Tutor: Mr Pras

My Dance Advisor : Fayanne Tan!

My Best Friend who got into the same course: Li Ling

The only one in my course who has the same CCA as I do: Edna

Best Male Friend: Jeremiah
Best Project Mate: Sabrina
Noisy Girl in Town: Mei Bin Best Project Mates!
Pris, Val, Didi, Alvin
Year 1 Classmates: Shu Hui And RacBest Brother!: Wei Rong Tim Lim
GregMy Mum & Dad

Next up would be my love --- DANCE!

I have performed for TP 20th Anniversary Carnival which collided with the CCN day! On the same day, we’ve got to perform the same item for Jam and Hop too! The feelings were different for both performances; however the bottomline was we really enjoyed ourselves on stage!

The performers with Jean Tan
After much persuasion from my beloved advisor, Fayanne, I relunctantly went for the orientation camp. I’m assigned to be in the D Team and the freshies were really awesome and enthusiastic! Engaged in many interesting games the main committes had brain stormed. Examples would be the night walk which earned my yawns, but the food hunt was good. The performance night and showcase from the seniors were really eye-catching and interesting! Anyohow, we emerged CHAMPION! YEY! FREE Bubble Tea!

The D Sign!One of the picture for the Food HuntWe Got First in the Food Hunt!
We sat on the two-wheel vehicle for a random Saturday night thrill. Cycled to town and settled our supper in Maxell before we cycled to Newton – KK Hospital – Little India and back to East Coast Park! It was really exhausting after a long ride but we do enjoy ourselves! :)

Being ‘Kiasu’ like the typical Singaporean, the dancers anonymously agreed on SUSHI BUFFET! We ate for almost 4 hours; force fed ourselves with the month-watery SUSHIS, not forgetting the delicious mochi! Life is real good with delicious food! We had a farewell dinner with Gin in Waraku as well as supper in Simpang Bedok too!

We went clubbing too on a random Wednesday night and we do enjoy dancing!

One of the dancers, Andreas had his 21st birthday in Tanah Merah Safra Resort. It’s so difficult to get there that I have decided on cab, be it going or leaving there! No matter what, I definitely enjoyed myself. TPDE got to gather as a whole and talk about ‘life’, I got to eat real good food from the cathering and BBQ which I am the one who started the fire for the first time, and staying over to play games like twister especially with Gin. Happy Birthday Andreas and hope you love the gift from us!

Happy Birthday!


While waiting for the cake

Chatting Away

Another birthday party which was held in Changi Village Hotel was Adeline’s 21st! It costed freaking 10k for the party! The theme was black and gold and I dressed up for it, which I would not normally do. The whole layout and design were really detailed and spectacular. The buffet was damn DOPE too, together with free flow of alcoholic drinks! The emcee was of average standard and they had a game ‘Who’s Adeline’s BFF!’ I was ‘carefully’ picked in second round to help Pris with the blowing of the balloon! Amazing, mine’s the first to burst despite being the smallest in size! After 2200, the whole place was turned upside down into a place for clubbers! It was cool but the mood was dampened as no one was in the dance floor, her family members left, and the female lead was drunk! LOL! Overall, it was still very good! On a random note, please remember to invite me for your wedding too!

That cake on the table costs $560

Blowing balloon for the game

Pris and Me

Val & Didi

Clubbing time!

Happy Birthday!

I love the 9km Southern Ridges walk with Li Ling and Sabrina which stretchs from Mount Faber Park all the way to Kent Ridge Park. The highlights would be the Forest Walk where we strolled on the elevated walkway and it was said to be the best spot to catch the butterflies and dragonflies! We explored and had seen many amazing stuff.

The First StepPart of Southern Ridges: Henderson WaveForest Walk End of the Walk!

Besides having such a ‘nature-friendly’ activity, we had urban actvity too such as celebrating Jeremiah’s birthday in Kenny Roger. It was supposed to be in Timbre but it’s closed on Sunday! God, we have to climb the flight of 136 steps before we got to know that it’s closed! Ivan was damn late but thank god, we still managed to sing him the birthday song as a whole.

Other than going out with my Semester 2.2 projects mates, I got to gather my Semester 3.1 project mates for dinner in Watami and dessert in Frolick which is my favourite yogurt! Just that Kelvin and Shi Rui could not make it! Aww!

Besides going out with my HTM friends, I went out with my CCM friend too! The activities were as per normal, which would always be a dinner followed by a movie. Dined once at Cenelé, which is located in Paragon and I must say the desserts were really unique in their ways. I personally tried the Chic Choc Crepes, two of the cakes that were displyed outside and four macarons! Felt like cloud nine when I had it melt in my mouth. I must say the meringue is a MUST to try! The last outing was dining at PS Café located in Palais. As usual, the desserts were DOPE! The Double Chocolate Blackout Cake is a must to try out and the Éclair was gigantic! There are only three outlets in Singapore; Harding, Palais and Paragon!

The StarterMain Course: Chicken in the BasketThe Giant Eclair!Dessert of the day!Before enlisting, I’m fortunate enough to be able to meet up my friends in nyjc and doing something I love, which is SINGING! We really had lots of fun and being amused by Wee Siong. I’m always thrilled to be able to catch up with them because they are really nice people and happy to know that they got into the university they desired!

Woohoo! Embraced the night with more than 900 animals to look at! I’m in the world’s first dedicated night zoo, Night Safari for the first time! It was the winner of Singapore Tourism Awards’ Best Leisure Attraction Experience for seven times since 1994. But I thought it’s enough to go there once in lifetime because the tribal dance performance was bad (Maybe it’s me who can’t really appreciate it) but the Creatures of the Night Show was good! It featured a non-stop action show which lasted for 30 minutes. Took the tram and we got to see many nocturnal animals with varieties of birds! One of my favourites would be the Giant Flying Squirrel because it’s interesting! I would definitely visit there again in 2012 with the opening of River Safari!

The talk of the town, Marina Bay Sands! The hotel comprises of three 55 storey tower, with a total of 2,600 rooms and suites. I stayed there with a group of my friend over the weekend! STAYCATION! It was really relaxing and I enjoyed it! We had our breakfast and dinner at the reputable restaurant called RISE restaurant! It was good especially when I’m spoilt for choice for desserts! YUMMY! The room was splendid with the view facing the town. The night scenary was really magical! The service was prompt too, however, some of the facilities were not functioning such as the water heater! There’s no bath tub as well! To make it worst, the Sky Park was still in construction and the shopping mall wasn’t fully opened too. On a positive note, some of the shops there close at 12mm!

Helix BridgeThe long awaited Marina Bay SandsThe Room!DoorEven the toiletI'm really tired!Spoilt for Choice!The dessert which was really appealingThe BreakfastWhich was complimentary!The Casino!But sadly, I can't enter!

The competitor of Marina Bays Sands, Resorts World Sentosa! Had another staycation in Hard Rock Hotel! It was quite a bad experience though. The room wasn’t ready when we wanted to check in and there’s no room service! They were obviously understaffed and not motivated! There is no SOP I assume and after we checked into the room, the chamber maid walked in just like that without having to realise that we are inside the room! The view given to us was a construction premise! However the interior design was really breathtaking and fashionable. The amentities and facilities were really creative and interesting! Never get into the pool though! ARGH!

Love this concept!

The door can be opened from both sides!

Caught Sleeping!

We tried the breakfast in the hotel too, which wasn't really impressive and it’s not complementary! The 'Around the world’ in The Rock Bar was bad too! However the massage in Festive Hotel was really good! I tried the deep tissue massage and I felt refreshed after the session! The food in Polio which is one of the restaurants in Hotel Micheal was quite appetizing too. I would recommend the signature dish, ‘Hotel Micheal Pizza’!

After Massage in Massage Fiesta Waiting for the.........Signature Dish: Hotel Micheal Pizza!

Talking about RWS, of course we would think of the Universal Studio Singapore! Finally went there after much procastination! Going on the month of May was definitely the best month of the year because students were busy preparing for their exam. What’s left behind would only be the tourist! In addition, USS was giving out $10 worth of FnB voucher as well as $5 worth of retail voucher! Cool! There were seven kinds of fantasy world to venture! After we past through the entrance gate, we were in ‘Hollywood’. You can pay only $2 on Friday and Saturday to be there! The Monster show in the theater blew my mind away! Different kinds of mascots such as Frankenstein and Charlie Chaplin would come out at specific timing too! Bought my souviner there and dined at the ‘Hollywood China Bistro which was really good food that’s value for money! Along the street in Holloywood

Next up, ‘New York’! The ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ was really superb; they showed us how a movie was made right before our very eyes with special effects! As we walked out from the place, a group of B-Boy was dancing and they needed 5 volunteers to freestyle! Jean, Badd and Andreas went! The ‘Sci-Fi City’, which was supposed to be the best, turned out to be the worst because Battlestar Galactica was not operating and Accelerator was of sub-standard! MAN! ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ in ‘Ancient Egypt’ World was the best ride of the day! The ride really took us by surprise! Take it and you will know!

The Boring Ride!

Revenge of the Mummy!

The most dreaded ride, ‘Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure’ in The Lost World, which is a water ride was boring too! There’s no adrenaline rush at all! Such a let down! But the Canopy Flyer was really satisfactory as you are able to catch the world in a bird’s-eye view. The live WaterWorld show was really marvelous and magnificient! It’s a MUST watch! Let me repeat, It’s a MUST watch!

As we exited from the world of terror, we came into the imaginary world where everyone yearned for during our childhood, ‘Far Far Away’! The Shrek 4-D Adventure was not bad. As the name suggested, you are able to see, hear and feel the action right from your seat! The Donket Live is an interactive show whereby you are able to sing along with the donkey!

Photoshop by Iris

Love this pic!

See! I'm not afraid of CATS

Last but not least, Madagascar which was also not operating until next year, except the kid’s ride. Eventually we went for it after much discussion!


The typical picture everyone would take in USS

Resting in Hard Rock Hotel
Happy Soul!

Overall, it’s really worth it! I’m immersed in the fun that I don’t feel like I’m in Singapore! Will I go there again? Definitely YES!

As a HTM student, a tour to Sentosa is essential in order to know more about Singapore! First up would be for the party go-ers, AZZURA Beach Club! First of its kind in Asia, offering a range of hydrosport activities, with coffee cocktail bar and an entertainment club. The brochure clearly stated that the operating time was from 10am-6am. As we approached the place at 3am, the service provider rudely said that they were closing and insisted in her way! BITCH! The music was bad too and they forgot to serve us our drinks (We managed to order eventually!) After a short walk, we would reach Segway Eco Adventure! As boring as it seems, it’s actually quite fun! You are actually using your body motion to control the machine and it truly exceeded my expectation!

Took the tram and arrived at Imbiah Outlook! Preparing to be the marksman in NS, we tried Desperados! We got to shoot at targets while sitting on the artificial horse that behaved as if it was on Viagra, and I emerged first among everyone in the room! The Cineblast which is located next to the Desperados was really interesting. It is Singapore's only state-of-the-art cinema simulation ride. It takes you on an extreme 3D log ride using the latest technology and we can feel every bump and freefall. The Sentosa 4D Magix however, was damn boring because the effects were totally same as the one in USS! ARGH!

My favourite ride was identical as the majority, The LUGE! Took three times and every time was a whole new experience because there’s different trails to choose from! The Tiger Sky Tower who used to belong to Carlsberg was average. You got to see Sentosa in a bird’s eye view and it was about 50 storeys high! Lastly would be the representative of Singapore, Merlion! It was captivating and we got to know how Merlion was ‘found’. On a random note, Merlion was unusually beautiful at night!

The view from the Merlion

Present to you: The tree in Sentosa!

The Sea Dragon in Merlion Trail

Sky Ride

The Thinker

My second time on the one of the largest observation wheel, Singapore Flyer! This time, it’s better because we had the capsule all by ourselves! This was also the first time I found Singapore to be so mesmerizing; able to capture so many beautiful places, be it the old Fullerton hotel or the newly developed IRs! Wee!

Cool eh. As when I thought that Singapore Flyer would be the highest place for me to view the stunning cityscape, I came across New Asia Bar Swissotel! It's higher than Equinox by one level, 71 Storey! With just one price, you would be able to gain entry to Introbar, City Space and New Asia Bar! The entry fee is $25 BUT the age restriction is 23 and I passed!

The Bar

After all the posting, of course I can’t leave out my best friends!

We spent our 7th anniversary in Dian Xiao Er as well as playing monopoly game in Li Ling’s house! We had many random meetings such as savouring in some renowned porridge at Kovan and once, Syabil joined us! Woohoo! Once in the blue moon you get to see him out of his house! He is definitely one of his kind! There’s once we dreaded to meet because Wan Ting was hospitalised! YES! She has fully recovered!

Didi, Hui, Ting, Ling

LL's House
Some Dessert House in Chomp Chomp

I went Nandos for the first time with Lloyd, It's on the news online, saying how good it was and the number of patrons who went. But to me, it’s just disappointment. The food wasn't to my liking. However The day was saved by night activity! Totally loving the clubbing session together! Second time in Wendy's and it's with him again! Order the usual food but still, unusually GREAT! especially the baked Potato! Explored Sunset Way for the first time and went for the famous ice cream, Dailies Scoop! We had a hard time finding it but it's worth the walk!

Recently, I have watched many movies too,such as Ipman, Backup Plan, Robinhood and Loser! Two movies worth mentioning would be the Ironman and Sex & the City II! For Iron man, it's my first time watching a movie in GV Gold Class and eating a three-course meal inside. Definitely the feeling of lying and adjusting to the most comfortable position was good but ordering food was a wrong move! There's no light in the threatre and all I could count on was the pathetic lights from my phone! Sex & the City II was the movie of the year for me! It was nothing surprise I guess because it's really interesting, touching on the prohibited topics like homosexual with a touch of humour! COOL!
I have enjoyed many of supper from different places too, beside Macdonald which my dad would normally help me buy. Some places were Punggol Nasi Lemak, Max Brenner, Hog’s Breath, Bedok 85, Geylang Dim Sum, and HK Cafe.
Retail Therapy went extremely well too. I really shopped a lot! Shopped for my Mother's Day gift was awesome too! Bought her a necklace though and she love it! Bought a lot of my NS stuff too and thanks Jesscy for the belated birthday gift which were some stuff that's beneficial for my journey in NS.
These are just some random pictures!Thanks for the Desserts!

Thanks for the Gift!
Goodbye World! See You Guys in Two Weeks Time!!

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